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Photos of Biometric Devices

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Photos of Biometric Devices
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These are some examples of Biometric devices available, manufactured and supplied by various companies.


Facial and Fingerprint Scanner

A device that scans a person's facial features that are near to impossible to replicate along with the fingerprint scanner.It can also detect body temperature and pulses which makes this device a state of the art high security device that could be extreemly useful in areas where tight surveillance is needed such as airports to prevent flight frauds and help against illegal passengers.


Above is another example of a biometric face scanner.


Door Scanner

A door lock with a keypad and fingerprint scanner can add a touch more to the security level and ease worries of having intruders that would try to go into those rooms that have those signs that say "authorized personnel only"


Above is a photo of a person having their eye scanned by a biometric device.


This is an example of a signature verification device. It measures the shape, pressure, and timing of signatures and can not be fooled by forgery.


Mouse Fingerprint Scanner

A USB optical computer mouse with integrated fingerprint scanner. When used with the specific software program and clicking its icon, a prompt will show up on the computer screen asking to have your fingerprint identified in order to log onto the computer or website.


Computer Scanner

This computer peripheral called "Hamster" works with the same principle as the mouse scanner but just as a fingerprint recognition device that sits near the computer screen and keyboard

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