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Some more interesting information about biometrics!

Biometrics is a complex science that uses light, cameras, microphones and converts data into algorithms. There are different devices that can be programmed to recognize not only fingerprints but also facial features, iris and retina composition, voice, and even human hand writing! This technology has been invented and constantly evolves, to enhance security and prevent fraud and theft in homes and in the workplace. With all these choices it is confusing to decide if biometrics is a good choice as a security method. The answer is yes but it should be added to a previous security device instead of just replacing it. When a person gets an eye infection, cold or injured these devices "fail" as problems are encountered when the person trying to be authentified is not recognized by the software.

Some people are skeptical that biometrics can be a reliable method of security. Some devices have been fooled with photocopies and latex imprints along with ballistics gel to replicate a person's fingerprint though is the trouble to go through with breaking in really worth it? Judge for yourself by taking a look at the Myth Busters video demonstration.

Myth Busters hack Fingerprint biometrics!


Fun Facts About Biometrics:

Biometrics at Disney world and Sea World:

Hand and fingerprint scanners at entrance of theme park to prevent others from using passes not designed for them


Is the world slowly becoming like George Orwell's novel 1984?

Is Big Brother going to take over watching our every moves? Some people are fearing this is happening with the growing expansion of biometrics.

Introduction of biometrics is also present in some bars, casinos, and airports.

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